Vertex Radio Repair

CTM is a company specialized in radio communication since 1960 and does Vertex radio repair, to ensure an optimal radio communication system. With its experience in radio repair, CTM has approved processes and high-quality devices to precisely diagnose the needed repair on your Vertex radio. If you have malfunction on radio parts (display, antenna, batteries, casing, button/channel knobs), on accessories (chargers, microphones, speakerphones, earpieces, speakers, headsets, cables), call upon our team of Vertex radio repairers to take care of any technical or physical malfunction, within the 48 hours after the service call.

We will ensure you Vertex radio repair, regardless of the model and type: two-way VHF radio, portable analog radio, two-way portable radio or CB radio (link), we have a solution for everything. Do not entrust your Vertex radio repair to anyone: call upon the expertise of CTM’s team. Call us in one of our three branches in Quebec, Montreal and Gatineau for a free quote. We can go on location everywhere in Quebec and Ontario to do your Vertex radio repair!

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