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Two-Way Radio Repair

Two-Way Radio Repair

CTM offers the most effective, quickest and affordable two-way radio repair service you can possibly find in Quebec and Ontario. Whether you work on a construction site, for public safety or on communications for a large-scale event, you do not want to waste any time on a communication system that does not work properly.

With a fleet of 20 vehicles and more than 50 technicians available, we make sure your two-way radio problem gets solved within 48 hours after your service call. Each of our technicians is trained to the highest standards set by the radio communication industry to fix any problems with your two-way radio, regardless of brand or model.

In order to guarantee your two-way radio, each of our 10,000 units available in inventory is punctually inspected to prevent any malfunction or problem. However, if you ever need our two-way radio repair services, here is an overview of all the benefits you get by doing business with us.

· Authorized Motorola Service Center
· Great radio parts inventory
· Radio repair made within 48 hours after call
· Motorola original radio parts
· High-quality and cutting-edge devices and diagnosing process
· Shops and mobile certified technicians available at all time
· Quality Control

Since 1960, CTM provides excellent two-way radio repair service for businesses of all sorts everywhere in Quebec and Ontario. Our highly-reliable, flexible and quick radio repair service ensures your radio communication system is fully operative whenever you need it. Call upon CTM’s strong expertise by contacting one of our three branches in Gatineau, Montreal and Quebec. Do not forget to request a free quote!