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Two Way Radio Accessories

Motorola Two-Way Radios

At CTM, during your radio rental or buying, you can also choose two-way radio accessories to optimize your rental radio solution. Proud Motorola Authorized Dealer, CTM offers a variety of two-way radio accessories, that are tough, resistant, waterproof and adapt to any radio type : two-way VHF radio, CB radio, you will find the accessory you are looking for. Two Way Radio Accessories will help you improve your team’s productivity and efficiency.

Whether you need to announce last-minute information, a schedule change or an emergency that needs immediate intervention, two-way radio accessories can be a great asset to your radio rental solution. Two-way radio accessories are designed to be discrete and to add crystal-clear audio clarity so you do not lose one word.

Whether it is in hotel hallways, musical events, construction sites, or hospital, you can easily adapt your two-way radio accessories according to your location and needs. Here are a few two-way radio accessories available for radio rental (link) or buying at CTM:

• Portable radios
• Batteries: Lithium-polymer batteries for radio (link), high-capacity lithium ion batteries, nickel cadmium batteries.
• Headsets: Ultra-light headsets, lightweight headsets, medium weight headsets, heavy weight headsets
• Earpieces: Super-compact earbud, earpiece with In-line Microphone, earbud with clip microphone, ear-microphones, etc.
• Chargers: Multi-unit chargers, single-unit chargers, vehicular-travel chargers
• Cables: Adapter Cables, Vehicular Adapter Cables
• Carry Accessories: Belt clips, belt loops, carry cases, belt and straps, waterproof bags
• Antennas: Mobile radio antennas, portable radio antennas, antenna mounts
• Wireless Bluetooth Accessories: Wireless adapters, wireless earpieces, wireless push-to-talk pods.