Two-way radio accessories Ontario

Regardless of the radio rental solution you will choose at CTM, you may need extra equipment to optimize it. CTM offers a vast selection of two-way radio accessories in Ontario to complete your radio rental or purchase. As we are partners with the world’s leader in communication, Motorola, we guarantee that each two-way radio accessory is resistant, waterproof and can be combined with your radio equipment when needed.

Here is overview of all the two-way radio accessories you can get at CTM in Ontario :

· Batteries: Lithium-polymer batteries for radio, high-capacity lithium ion batteries, nickel cadmium batteries.
· Headsets: Ultra-light headsets, lightweight headsets, medium weight headsets, heavy weight headsets
· Earpieces: Super-compact earbud, earpiece with In-line Microphone, earbud with clip microphone, ear-microphones, etc.
· Chargers: Multi-unit chargers, single-unit chargers, vehicular-travel chargers
· Cables: Adapter Cables, Vehicular Adapter Cables
· Carry Accessories: Belt clips, belt loops, carry cases, belt and straps, waterproof bags
· Antennas: Mobile radio antennas, portable radio antennas, antenna mounts
· Wireless Bluetooth Accessories: Wireless adapters, wireless earpieces, wireless push-to-talk pods.

By renting or purchasing two-way radio accessories at CTM in Ontario, you have full access to many benefits:

· 24/7 service available
· Daily, weekly, monthly or longer contracts for radio rental
· Warranty on equipment with the exception of onsite physical breakage
· Fiscal advantages
· Shops and mobile certified technicians available at all time in Ontario
· Custom programming and engineering for specific layouts
· Access to radio repair services in shops and on location
· Delivery service directly on location

As we are a communication business, we understand that every element of your radio rental solution is crucial; this is why we provide you with great two-way radio accessories in Ontario. We only rent reliable two-way radios accessories so that you have quality equipment that you can always count on. If you have questions about our two-way radio accessories inventory or you simply want to know more about our services, do not hesitate to call us at CTM Gatineau’s branch to request a free quote.

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