Tait Radio Repair

Are you looking for a qualified and reliable company to make a Tait radio repair ? As a renowned radio communication specialist in Quebec and Ontario, CTM is a repairer that has all the necessary resources to do a prompt and precise repair on your Tait radio. Our certified technicians that are on the road or in our shops are able to perform any kind of repair on your Tait radio, following the highest standards of the industry.

We will be able to identify if the malfunction comes from the parts (display, antenna, batteries, volume/channel knobs, scanners, cases) or from the accessories (microphones, cables, earpieces, headsets, chargers) and then effectively repair your Tait radio. Whether it is for a two-way walkie-talkie, a two-way radio for vehicle or even a two-way digital radio, we have a great radio parts inventory to satisfy all possible demands. CTM is the most experienced Tait radio repairer: do not hesitate to communicate with our expert team in one of our three branches, Montreal, Quebec and Gatineau and request a free quote.

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