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Rent portable 2-way radios

Rent portable 2-way radios

If you are looking to improve your radio communication system, you must rent 2-way portable radios that will not only be economical but will surely improve your working team’s productivity and effectiveness. Authorized Motorola dealer, CTM provides you with superior, professional 2-way portable radio equipment, available in UHF/VHF, 800-900 MHz, simplex and trunking configurations.

Our team of certified technicians inspect our 10,000 units available in inventory on a regular basis. Whether you need a two-way digital radio or two-way analog radio, you will surely find the radio model you need.

Meet our experienced consultants that helped thousands of people finding the best radio rental solution that gave them complete satisfaction. Every aspect will be considered: budget, programming, configuration, technical requirements. We can also help you customize your 2-way portable radio with special features: GPS, Bluetooth accessories, IP Site Connect, Capacity Plus, two-way radio accessories, etc.

CTM is the radio communication specialist that will support you each step of the way by providing technical support and expertise you will not find anywhere else. If you are looking to rent 2-way portable radios for your company, contact our team in one of our three branches in Montreal, Quebec and Gatineau and request a free quote!