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Radio Repeater

Radio Repeater

Regardless of the business you work in, your workforce is hard at work every day, so you need a radio repeater that you can always count on. Whether you are in health and education, transport and logistics or public safety, your team needs the proven performance of Motorola radio repeater. Here is an overview of the Motorola radio repeater’s benefits:

· Expand your coverage and capacity
· Easily migrates from analog to digital
· Support two simultaneous voice or data path
· Provides easy migration between technologies.

By having a fully operative communication system with a radio repeater, you enable your team to communicate more easily and focus on the work to do, instead of communications. You can use your radio repeater with analog and digital mode, UHF/VHF radio spectrums and most radio frequencies.

As an authorized Motorola dealer, CTM guarantee radio equipment of the utmost quality, regularly inspected, that is also waterproof and resistant to shock, vibration and elements (snow, dust, hail, rain), and so you can use it in any possible condition. If you need a special programming or installation for your communications, our technical support team can do directly on location to make your communication is as you required

Since 1960, CTM provides companies, businesses and individuals with unmatched customer service, courteous technical and high-tech radio equipment such as radio repeater, to help them improve their communication systems. Having a fully-functional and high-quality communication system can undoubtedly make a difference in your business and can easily lead you to success. If you have questions or you want to rent or purchase a radio repeater, call CTM for a free quote in one of our three branches in Gatineau, Montreal and Quebec.