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Portable UHF Radio

Portable UHF Radio

If you are searching for a portable UHF radio to meet your radio communication needs, CTM has an appropriate solution that will perfectly adapt to your demands. UHF band (or Ultra-High Frequency) represents the radio spectrum from 300 MHz to 3000 MHz. UHF signal has a better capacity to travel through materials (metal, concrete, cement, wood, etc.) than VHF signal. Thus, your portable UHF radio will be more efficient indoors, in buildings or in an urban area. You can combine your portable UHF radio with many radio accessories (headsets, ear pieces, batteries, chargers) and add different functionalities (IP Site Connect, Capacity Plus, customized network installations, etc) and create the perfect combination for your radio communication needs.

Ask for our consultants’ help to guide you step by step during the purchase or radio rental (link). If you have a radio rental solution that fits with your demands, your working team will be more productive, more effective and more prepared to respond quickly to an emergency. Available in analog and digital, our portable UHF radios are waterproof and resistant to shocks, vibrations, and elements (rain, dust, earth, etc). Here are a few portable UHF radios available for radio rental and purchase:

· Motorola CP200 Series Radios

· Motorola EX Series Radios
· MOTOTRBO XPR 7000 Radios

Whether you are responsible for large-scale events coordination or transport fleet from a specialized company, portable UHF radio is an important tool for your team and you. Established in the radio communication area since 1960, CTM stands out from the competition with a personalized customer service and technologically-advanced radio devices. CTM has more than 10,000 units in radio rental that will meet all you requirements, even the most specific.

If you wish to buy or rent a portable UHF radio, do not hesitate to communicate CTM in one of our three branches in Gatineau, Montreal and Quebec and request a free quote!