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Portable Radio

Portable Radio

Whether you are in charge of the communication in a large scale event, public safety or foreman on a construction site, a portable radio is an essential asset to ensure crystal-clear communication with all the members of your team. The portable radio followed the digital wave to become a sophisticated device that can be adapted to any situation, place or purpose.

Depending on your communication requirements, you can choose a digital portable radio (link) or analog portable radio, that both have their own advantages. All CTM’s portable radios are highly robust, waterproof, resistant to shock, vibration and elements (dust, snow, hail, rain, etc.). Here are a few models of portable radios available for radio rental or purchase at CTM:

· Mototrbo XPR 3000 Radios

· Motorola XPR 7000 Radios
· Mototrbo SL Series Radios
· Motorola DTR Series Radios

Since 1960, CTM has become the leader in the radio communication industry in Quebec and Ontario. We can help you find the best portable radio that will meet all your requirements and beyond. You can trust our experienced team of consultants and technicians that will help you each step of the way in your renting or purchasing process, so you will save time, energy and money. If you need a portable radio that will provide you with outstanding quality and performance, do not hesitate to require CTM’s expertise in one of our three branches in Gatineau, Quebec and Montreal to request a free quote.