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Portable Radio Repair

Portable Radio Repair

Even in mobile and smartphones have become increasingly popular in the last years, portable radios remain a more resistant and affordable asset to use in businesses of all sorts. CTM offers a reliable and fast portable radio repair service you can always count on. Regardless of which business you are into – public safety, large-scale event, industry, construction site, and school – you want your communications to remain stable and effective, so that your working team stays productive and efficient at all times. As a communication business, CTM understands that your time is precious: our 20-vehicle fleet and 50 certified technicians are ready to help you, directly on location or in our shops.

We are concerned about giving you optimal portable two-way radios to meet all your communication needs; this is why we regularly inspect each of the 10,000 units to make sure you do not have any problems with your communications. However, if you ever need our portable radio repair service, here is an overview of all the benefits you can get:

· Authorized Motorola Service Center
· Great radio parts inventory
· Radio repair made within 48 hours after call
· Motorola original radio parts
· High-quality and cutting-edge devices and diagnosing process
· Shops and mobile certified technicians available at all time
· Quality Control

For over 50 years, CTM has contributed to improve and maintain optimal communication systems with its excellent portable radio repair service. We are committed to give you the best possible service so you are entirely satisfied with your portable radio repair. If you need a portable radio repair service you can always count on, contact CTM in one of our three branches in Gatineau, Montreal and Quebec.