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Portable 2-way radios

Portable 2-way radios

Since their creation in 1940’s by Motorola, portable 2-way radios became highly sophisticated communication devices that are used in almost every sector. At CTM, we feature superior quality, professional 2-way radios, that are available in VHF/UHF, 800-900 MHz, conventional, digital and trunking configuration.

As a proud Motorola authorized dealer, CTM offers you a great selection of portable 2-way radios (more than 10,000 units in inventory), that are robust, waterproof and resistant to shock, vibration and elements (hail, snow, dust, dirt, etc.). Here is an overview of portable 2-way radios that are available for radio rental or purchase at CTM:

· Mototrbo XPR 6000 Radios
· Motorola XPR 7000 Radios
· Mototrbo SL Series Radios
· Motorola XTS Series Radios

Established since 1960, CTM has built a strong reputation based on impeccable custom service and radio products of the highest quality such as portable 2-way radios. Our team of experienced consultants and technicians are there to help you find the ideal portable 2-way radio that will match your exact needs. If you need a customized programming or installation for your radio communication system, our technicians can go on location, everywhere in Quebec and Ontario, to make sure your communication systems are fully functional.

If you are looking for portable 2-way radios that will surely help you improve your radio communication system, do not hesitate to call upon CTM’s expertise in one of our three branches in Quebec, Montreal and Gatineau.