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Mobile Radio

Mobile Radio

When you think about mobile radio, the first thing that comes to mind is radio in vehicles. As a proud Motorola authorized dealer, CTM offers you the possibility to benefit from all the advantages of a mobile radio to maintain a crystal-clear communication between vehicles of all sorts. Whether you are from public safety (police, ambulance and firemen), public transportation, taxi company or a convoy that travels on the road, you will easily find a mobile radio that will meet all your requirements at CTM.

The most popular mobile radios are CB radios that are generally used by truckers. Taxi companies also utilize mobile radios that use many types of radio communications such as simplex (rarer), trunking (system with shared networks), VHF or 800 MHz frequency. While you are purchase or renting your mobile radio, you can personalize it with our available features (IP Site Connect, GPS, Bluetooth, available channels, Capacity Plus, etc.). You will benefit from a high-quality sound, with instant response from other users on your network. In a flash, you can transmit essential info like accident, road works or to report an emergency that needs immediate attention. By using a mobile radio, your working team becomes productive and does not waste any time waiting for information or data to accomplish their tasks.

Here are few models of Motorola Mobile Radio you can rent or purchase at CTM :

· MOTOTRBO XPR 4000 Radios
· MOTOTRBO XPR 5000 Radios
· Motorola CDM Series Radios
· Motorola CM Series Radios

Leader in radio communication in Quebec and Ontario since 1960, CTM gave to opportunity to thousands of people to benefit from mobile radio of superior quality. At CTM, we want to offer you the radio rental solution that is most adapted to your requirements. As experts, we take the time to listen and understand your needs, while providing you with all the necessary info in order to make the best possible choice. If you look for mobile radio with guaranteed reliability and effectiveness, contact our team in one of our three branches in Quebec, Montreal and Gatineau.