Midland Radio Repair

If you are looking for a reliable and experienced radio communication business for your Midland radio repair, CTM offers you the possibility to go on location everywhere in Quebec and Ontario to restore your radio communication system or simply to repair one of your defective Midland radios. Our talented technicians have sophisticated methods and high-quality devices that can diagnosis any problem your Midland radio may have.

Whether the problem is coming from the radio parts (case, speaker, antenna, channel/volume knob, latch plate) or from the accessories (microphones, headsets, earpieces, chargers, radio cables), we will do all repair promptly and precisely. With a 20-vehicle fleet, it is easy for us to go on location in order to do the repair within 48 hours following your service call.

CTM is your Midland radio repairer in whom you can put all your trust. Whether it is for two-way analog radio or two-way VHF radio, CTM ensures repair for all Midland radios. If your Midland Radio needs a repair, you may call the CTM team now, in one of our three branches in Gatineau, Quebec and Montreal for a free quote.

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