Kenwood radio repair

Are you looking for an experienced company for a Kenwood radio repair ? What is worse than to have a communication system at hand and that, along the way, a malfunction prevents you to maintain an efficient communication between your team and you? CTM is the Kenwood radio repairer that you need.

Be assured that you will have a precise yet prompt work done by an experienced technician especially formed according to the latest technological novelties. We can repair all types of mobile radio communication devices: two-way digital radio, two-way analog radio, portable UHF radio, etc. Whether the radio’s malfunction comes from the radio parts (display, scanner, channel/volume knob, case, antenna) or from the accessories (batteries, headset, earpieces, cables, speakers), CTM’s technicians have sophisticated diagnosis techniques and devices to make an effective repair.

If you wish to benefit from a Kenwood radio repair, communicate

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