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Digital Portable Radio

Digital Portable Radio

Since many years, digital portable radio has become increasingly popular with companies and organisations that wish to have a radio communication system that is both efficient and technologically advanced. With two-way radio’s evolution and digital advent, digital portable radio became an essential tool for companies that want to develop or improve their radio communication system.

An efficient radio communication combined with impeccable sound quality allows you to keep in touch with your team without losing any time or data; you may announce a last-minute change through voice or SMS or report an emergency that requires immediate attention. Work with efficient communication tools that will make you save time, energy and money. You will benefit from a crystal-clear sound quality without interference while improving your team’s productivity.

As a proud authorized Motorola dealer, CTM is offering you a variety of digital portable radios that may interest you for radio rental or purchase:

· MOTOTRBO XPR 7000 Radios
· MOTOTRBO XPR 6000 Radios

Leader in radio communication in Quebec and Ontario for many years, CTM stands out from the competition by the rapidity and flexibility of its customer service, but also for products of superior quality, including digital portable radio. Whether it is for construction site, hospitals, sports event or simply for road-traveling, CTM’s team is concerned about supporting you each step of the way to give you all necessary information to make a wise choice. If you are looking for an effective and resistant digital portable radio, do not hesitate to call CTM in one of our three branches in Montreal, Quebec and Gatineau to get a free quote.