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CB Radio Repair

CB Radio Repair

If you are looking for a CB radio repair expert, who can either restore an entire radio communication system or adjust your CB radio to make it more efficient, CTM’s technical support team is always available to help you anywhere in Quebec or Ontario. We provide a vast range of technical support services to ensure that your CB radio system is operating properly.

As professionals of radio communication systems, we understand that communications availability and work productivity go hand in hand. For this reason, we have 20 vehicles and a team of 50 certified technicians to make sure your CB radio system is repaired as quickly as possible, so you will not have to interrupt your business activities.

In order to guarantee the stability and efficiency of your CB radio system, each of our 10,000 units in our inventory is regularly inspected, so your CB radio system will be fully functional. Besides CB radio repair, if your radio communication system needs a customized programming or installation, our experienced technicians can go on location to adapt your radio communication layout, according to you requirements.

Here is an overview of the services CTM offers:

· Authorized Motorola Service Center
· Great radio parts inventory
· Radio repair made within 48 hours after call
· Motorola original radio parts
· High-quality and cutting-edge devices and diagnosing process
· Shops and mobile certified technicians available at all time
· Quality Control

Founded in 1960, CTM provides a flexible and affordable service for CB radio repair made by professionals of mobile radio communication. If your CB radio needs a repair to be fully functional, contact CTM’s team for professional radio communication repair in one of our three branches in Gatineau, Montreal and Quebec!