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Buy a Two-Way Portable Radio

Buy a Two-Way Portable Radio

Do you have an urgent need for an effective and quick communication system and thinking to buy a two-way portable radio ? As a proud authorized Motorola dealer, CTM offers you one of the greatest two-way portable radios selections in Quebec and Ontario. Whether you need a digital portable radio or VHF portable radio, you will undoubtedly find a portable radio that will suit your need.

To buy a portable two-way radio, you have to consider many aspects: why you will use it, how many users will be on the network and finally, what is your budget. If it is used on a daily basis for a long period of time, buying a two-way portable radio can be more profitable than a radio rental. Your working team can benefit from a reliable and effective radio communication system that will improve its productivity and management capacity. Here are a few models of two-way portable radios you can buy at CTM:

Motorola DTR Series Radios
MOTOTRBO Series SL Radios
Motorola EX Series Radios
Motorola XTS Series Radios

Specialized in radio communication since 1960, CTM’s team takes the time to support you to buy a portable two-way radio. With you, we will find the radio model that suits your needs perfectly. Whether it is for transport company, public safety or hospitals, buying a two-way portable radio allows you to know everything that is happening, even if you are not on location or on the road. All two-way portable radios (link) are guaranteed, resistant to shock, waterproof and offer an impeccable sound quality. If you are thinking about buying a two-way portable radio, do not hesitate to contact CTM in one of our three branches in Quebec, Montreal and Gatineau and request a free quote.