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Analog Radio Repair

Analog Radio Repair

Even with the advent of mobile phones and smartphones’ technology, there are still many companies who entrust analog radios for their communication needs. CTM offers you a fast and flexible analog radio repair service that will go beyond your expectations and give you peace of mind. Whether you are working with a transportation company, on a small-business farm, with the public safety or in a hospital, every second is important. By having an analog radio repair service you can count on, you can concentrate on the work to do without worrying about your communications’ efficiency.

With 20-vehicle fleet and 50 certified technicians, we can easily go on location anywhere in Ontario and Quebec to swiftly fix your problem, so you can remain productive and active. If your analog radio system needs an immediate intervention from our technical team, here is an overview of the benefits you gain by doing business with CTM:

· Authorized Motorola Service Center
· Great radio parts inventory
· Radio repair made within 48 hours after call
· Motorola original radio parts
· High-quality and cutting-edge devices and diagnosing process
· Shops and mobile certified technicians available at all time
· Quality Control

Since 1960, CTM helped thousands of companies and individuals solved their communication issues by having a fast and affordable analog radio repair service that gave them complete satisfaction. Our mission is to ensure your communication system remains fully operative, so that you can be too. If you need our analog radio repair services, do not hesitate to contact CTM in one of our three branches in Gatineau, Montreal and Quebec.