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Analog portable radio

Analog portable radio

Despite the popularity of digital technology in radio communication, analog portable radio is still prized. Its ease of use and its simple design makes it an essential for people who are not familiar with radio communication, but want to benefit from an efficient way of communication. In addition, a few models of analog portable radios have a better resistance to elements (dust, dirt, rain, wind), to vibration and shocks. Analog portable radios are more popular on construction site, industries and mining and in small agricultural companies.

Analog portable radio offers a crystal-clear sound quality, is robust and tough and has a unique design that can resist to the harshest conditions. Work with radio communication tools that allow you to have a high-quality reception, without interference and noise. You can easily reach the members of your team for a last-minute change, or report an emergency without losing any time getting there. As a proud authorised Motorola dealer, CTM presents a few analog portable radios available for radio rental or purchase

· Motorola CP200 Series Radios
· Motorola PR400 Series Radios
· Motorola BP40 Series Radios

Leader in radio communication in Quebec and Ontario, CTM presents a great choice of two-way portables radios, like portable VHF radio and analog portable radio. With the help of our specialized team, you would be able to make a wise choice that will meet your requirements in our large inventory. We take the time to listen and to take your needs into consideration in order to make the best choice. By choosing a company that is in the radio communication business since 1960, you are ensured to have products of the highest quality with a personalized and prompt custom service. If you need an analog portable radio for your business, call CTM’s team in one of our three branches in Gatineau, Quebec and Montreal and request a free quote.