2-way-radio rental Ontario

In every sector of business, not every situation calls for a permanent, or purchased, two-way radio communication solution. Whether it is for a single one-tome event or financial alternative for outright purchase, 2-way radio rental in Ontario delivers many business advantages. Even with the popularity of mobile phones and smartphones, 2-way radios remain an efficient and secure way to keep in touch with your mobile teams.

CTM’ fleet of 2-way radio rental equipment includes:

· VHF and UHF two-way radios
· Various types of trunking systems available
· Two-way portable and mobile radios
· Repeaters
· Full range of 2-way radio accessories
· Portable analog and digital 2-way radios

Renting 2-way radios and other radio equipment at CTM remains one of the most affordable and easy ways to maintain crystal-clear communications. There are many advantages to 2-way radio rental with CTM in Ontario:

· 24/7 service available
· Vast selection of radio accessories: batteries, earpieces, headsets, chargers, microphones, antennas, Bluetooth accessories, etc.
· Daily, weekly, monthly or longer contracts for radio rental
· Warranty on equipment with the exception of onsite physical breakage
· Fiscal advantages
· Shops and mobile certified technicians available at all time in Ontario
· Custom programming and engineering for specific layouts
· Access to radio repair services in shops and on location
· Delivery service directly on location

Our Ontario 2-way radio rental services’ users include:

· Health and Education
· Public Safety
· Transport and Logistic
· Industrial
· Commercial
· Security Services
· Fairs and festivals
· Special events
· Convention services
· Concerts and Parades
· Sporting Events
· Movie and TV sets

  As a communication business, CTM wants to offer you the best 2-way radio rental solution in Ontario. Great communication is the key to achieve success and exceptional team work. If you want to know more about our rental services or Motorola radios products, do not hesitate to give us a call at CTM Gatineau’s branch to request a free quote!

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