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2-way digital radio

2-way digital radio

If you are looking for an economical yet sophisticated way to improve your radio communication system, a 2-way digital radio is the best solution. Here are a few benefits you can get from a 2-way digital radio

· More simultaneous talking paths available
· Information such as ID, status buttons and enhanced text messages can be embedded into one digital radio channel
· Reduced external background noise and reduced environmental noise levels during transmission
· Software applications available (IP Site Connect, Capacity Plus, Bluetooth, GPS, etc.)
· Provides a migration path that allows simultaneous use of analog and digital radios.

Combined with the efficiency interest of Motorola, your 2-way digital radio allows you to reach your team instantly without any transmission delay. Whether you are on a construction site, in public safety, in a hospital or in power plant, each second is important. A 2-way digital radio allows you to transmit crucial information, to report an emergency or to announce a last-minute change without worrying about environmental noise or transmission problems. Here are a few 2-way digital radios models available for radio rental or purchase at CTM

· MOTOTRBO XPR 7000 Radios
· Motorola XTS Series Radios
· MOTOTRBO Series SL Radios
· Motorola DTR Series Radios

For more than 50 years, CTM offers a great selection of 2-way digital radios that will respond to all your communications needs. Our team of experienced consultants and certified technicians will support you each step of the way. Our technicians can even customize a special programming and installation directly on location so you can benefit from every aspect of your 2-way digital radio equipment. Benefit from a guaranteed and flexible service and call CTM for your next 2-way digital radio rental or purchase. Communication with our team in one of our three branches in Montreal, Quebec and Gatineau.