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2-way UHF radio

2-way UHF radio

Radio communication systems experienced incredible development since the last decade and 2-way VHF radio has followed the wave. 2-way UHF radio became an important asset for companies and businesses concerned about maintaining clear and effective radio communication with members of their team. The main difference between 2-way UHF radio and 2-way VHF radio resides in the radio spectrum capacity : it goes from 30 MHz to 300 MHz for VHF and from 300 to 3000 MHz for UHF. If you are working within city limits, in middle of concrete and tall buildings, 2-way UHF radio is the ideal choice.

The UHF signal has a better ability to pass through multiple walls. Since it has a wider frequency spectrum, it reduces the chance of interference with other users. You can use it for the needs of taxi company, public safety, public transportation, in a hotel or hospital and obtain a crystal-clear quality sound and instantaneous response. 2-way UHF radio helps you to remain active and productive, regardless of the conditions.

Proud Motorola authorized dealer, CTM offers a great selection of 2-way UHF radios to adequately answer all your requirements. Here are a few models of two-way UHF radios available for radio rental or purchase at CTM:

· Motorola CP200 Series Radios
· Motorola BPR40 Radios
· Motorola EX Series Radios
· MOTOTRBO XPR 7000 Radios

For over 50 years, CTM provides a reliable, flexible and affordable service as well as high-quality radio products, such as 2-way UHF radio. You can meet with one of our experienced consultants to determine what your needs are; he will help you find the radio rental solution that will exceed all your expectations. If you are looking for a 2-way UHF radio to improve your radio communication system, contact CTM in one of our three branches in Quebec, Montreal and Gatineau and request your free quote!